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Technology plays a significant part in our curriculum and teaching and learning of our pupils.  The school uses a range of technology; interactive whiteboards, ipads, laptops, bee-bots, cameras, video recorders etc.  

It is very important that in today's society that pupils can use new technology safety whilst in school but also that they know how to stay safe out of school using smart phones, chat rooms, instant messaging, social media, blogs and gaming sites etc.  E-safety is used throughout our computing curriculum and cross-curricular approach. Every child in our care needs to be safe, and the same principles applied to the ‘virtual’ or ‘digital’ world should be applied to the school’s physical buildings.  

As a school we ensure that our processes are secure; Safe use of e-mail ; Safe use of Internet including use of internet-based communication services, such as instant messaging and social network; Safe use of school network, equipment and data; Safe use of digital images and digital technologies, such as mobile phones and digital camera; Publication of children information/photographs and use of website and following EBullying / Cyberbullying procedures.  

For further details, please click on the links below.

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E-safety Policy

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If you have any queries about e-safety at home or at school, please contact the school and we will be happy to help you.