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Vision and Values

The Core Senior Leadership Team of the Federation of Christ Church and St Luke's C of E Primary Schools spent important In Service Training Days discussing the values which we believe are at the very heart of our schools. These are the values to which we are committed; they underpin everything we do:

Once we had agreed the set of values, we moved on to consider a Vision Statement for the Federation:

 Fed Vision


The vision is the ultimate aim for our schools and our children. We want to ensure that each and every child fulfils this vision.


 Fed Values


The governors and staff, across the Federation, have taken part in training over the past term and on our September INSET days to consider how our values and vision will be evident in the daily life of our schools. How will the values and vision affect our relationships with other people at school and in the local community? How will teaching and learning be affected? How can we improve our current provision to realise our vision for our pupils? What can we do to improve learning and accelerate progress so our children achieve their highest aspirations?


An important part of the development of the values and vision is to share them with the children and the parents. We 'launched' the values last Friday in assembly. Each class has a value to focus on throughout the year. We will also be thinking about these values, alongside other Christian and British values, in assembly, through the curriculum and events. Does your child know his/her class value?


Please share the values with your family and friends. We would like everyone in our local community to know what we believe in and what makes our schools special. Please pray for the development of the Federation and all the children and adults who make the Federation and the individual schools such special places.


May God bless us all as we live and learn together.