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Admission Policy

Admissions Information and Criteria 2021-2022

Each year the Governing Body of Christ Church Streatham CE Primary School offer reception class places to 30 children. Children are normally admitted to school in September of each year. 


Supplementary Information Forms (SIF)

Parents/carers who wish to apply for a place based on church attendance must also complete the school’s Supplementary Information Form and return this to Christ Church School by Lambeth’s deadline for admission.  Failure to return the supplementary admission form will mean that the school cannot consider the application under the church criteria, in this case the application will be considered under the next most appropriate criteria based on the information on the CAF. 

The Governors will consider late applications in accordance with the procedure in the local authority’s co-ordinated scheme. This is explained in the LA admission brochure and on line at 

Parents applying for a place at Christ Church School do so knowing that it has a distinctive Christian ethos which is at the heart of the school and provides an inclusive, caring and supportive environment where children learn and flourish in a setting shaped by Christian values.  The governors welcome applications from all members of the community and ask all parents to respect the Christian ethos of the school and its importance to the community.  Therefore the governors hope that all pupils will take part in the Christian worship of the school and will attend Religious Education lessons. 


Statement of Special Educational Needs or Educational Health and Care (EHC) Plan

Parents/carers of pupils who have a statement of special educational needs, or Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan are required to apply for school places separately through the local authority from whom advice is available.  The governors will admit all those pupils whose statement or EHC Plan names Christ Church Streatham CE Primary School.  If a child with a statement, or EHC Plan, is placed in the school by the local authority before the normal admission round, the number of places available to other applicants will be reduced. 


The school governors have agreed with the LA that 30 pupils will be admitted to the reception class.



If there are more than 30 applicants, places will be allocated according in the following order of priority: 

  • Looked after children or previously looked after children.    Looked after children are children who are in the care of a local authority, or being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions as described by Section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989 at the time of making an application to the school.  Previously looked after children are children who were looked after immediately prior to being adopted, or who became subject to a residence order, (now termed child arrangement order under the Children & Families Act 2014), or special guardianship order.  The Governors will require written confirmation that the child is looked after, or previously looked after, and will be so at the time of making an application to the school.
  • Children whose parent/carer is a regular and faithful worshipper at Christ Church Streatham.
  • Children whose parent/carer is a regular and faithful worshipper at other qualifying Christian churches located within one-mile radius of the school
  • Children with an exceptional and specific medical or social need for a place at Christ Church School.  This must be supported by written evidence, e.g. from a doctor, social worker, or educational psychologist, which sets out the reasons why this school is the most suitable school and the difficulties that would be caused if the child had to attend another school.
  • Children of permanent staff at this school who have been employed at the school for two or more years at the time the application is made, and/or a member of staff who has been recruited to fill a post for which there was a demonstrable skills shortage (a maximum of 2 per admissions year). 
  • The presence of a brother or sister already on the school roll and who would still be on the roll at the date the child would be admitted.  (Brothers and sisters include step siblings, half sibling, adopted and foster siblings providing they are living at the same address).
  • Remaining places will be offered according to the proximity of the home of the applicant (see notes - distance) to the school (priority will be given to those who live nearest to the school).


Where it is not possible to admit all applicants who fall within a particular priority category a decision will be made between them by applying subsequent priorities.

If applicants live equidistant from the school the Governing Body will draw lots to decide between applicants. 



Regular and Faithful Worshipper

This is defined as a person attending worship at least once a month for at least a year prior to application.


Qualifying Churches

Qualifying Churches are those that are members of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and the Evangelical Alliance.



The Local Authority’s admissions’ department will use a computerized mapping system to calculate distances of home from the school as the crow flies.  The distance is measured from the school pedestrian gate to the house or nearest point of a block of flats.  If more than one application is received from residents of the same block of flats, a visit will be made to ascertain the nearest flat to the school.

The home address is the address where the child resides.  Where a child spends time with both parents/carers in separate homes and both have parental responsibility, the school will need to establish where the majority of school nights (Sunday to Thursday) are spent and treat that as the home address.



Parents of children who do not gain admission have the right to appeal against the decision to an Independent Appeals Panel. Appeals must be lodged within 20 school days of notification of a refusal. Appeal forms are obtainable from the school. Completed forms should be returned to the Clerk to the Admissions Panel, at Christ Church Streatham CE Primary School by May. The appeal decision will be final and binding. 


Waiting List 

Unsuccessful applications will be kept on our waiting list (which will be re-ranked in accordance with the oversubscription criteria each time a new child is added to the waiting list). 


Deferred entry 

Christ Church School admits children to the Reception class in the September of the school year in which a child attains the age of 5 years. (The school year runs from 1 September to the 31st August.) All parents/carers are entitled to a full-time place for their child in the Reception class from September and are strongly advised to accept this arrangement, but may defer entry until the beginning of the term after their child is five years old (i.e.), when the child reaches compulsory school age) or until the beginning of the summer term whichever is earlier. In exceptional circumstances, and in agreement with the school, children may attend part-time until their child reaches compulsory school age. Parents/carers who have been offered a place at the School and wish to defer entry for their child and/or attend part-time must put this in writing to the Executive Headteacher at the earliest opportunity and before the start of the autumn term. 


Education out of normal (chronological) age group 

Children are educated in school with others of their age group. However, in exceptional circumstances parents/carers may choose to seek places outside of their child’s chronological year group. Decisions will be made on the basis of the circumstances of each case. Parents/carers must state clearly why they feel admission to a different year group is in the child's best interest and may provide recent professional evidence to support this. Further details of how to make such a request are available from the school.


 Admission Policy