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Petworth Primary School, West Sussex


Petworth Primary School is part of Christ Church School’s Community Action Plan.  It is a Church of England controlled school in West Sussex.  It is much smaller than an average primary school and occupies part of the premises of the former middle school on the same site. The school offers our children an opportunity to see a very different school, in a very different locality.


Following the first visit of Y6 from Petworth Primary School and a visit to Brixton Market in October 2010 and the Y6 from our school a return visit took place on March 2011.  The children joined the children and staff of Petworth for a ‘Forest Day’ which will took place on the school site. The children were taking part in a special activity day developing their knowledge of the countryside and survival skills.  There was a camp fire and cooking, which of course was be carefully supervised by the ‘Forest Day Trainers’ and all the teaching staff.


Petworth School visited Christ Church School again in November 2011 and a return visit in May 2012 gave our pupils a wonderful learning opportunity and many valuable experiences that they do not ordinarily have.  The children spent the day touring Lord and Lady Egremont’s Leconfield Estate in West Sussex including the forestry and the sheep unit.  The children also took part in a competition to build a window in one of the old buildings on the estate. All the pupils and adults appreciated the hospitality of the adults involved, from the estate employees and the environment agency.


After Easter 2015, Y6 classes from Christ Church and Petworth schools visited the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Downing Street. On Friday 28 June 2015, Yr 5 had the opportunity with children from Petworth to visit Lord and Lady Egremont’s Leconfield Estate in West Sussex for ‘An Introduction to the Countryside’.