Christ Church Streatham

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Collective Worship

The School has a daily Act of Worship giving staff and children the opportunity to reflect and speak to God. All forms of Collective Worship have an underlying Christian theme although their focus may be about world events or social dilemmas. Bible stories are told, along with stories from other religions and cultures.  The link between the School and Parish Church is very important to us. Services are held at Christ Church celebrating the main Christian festivals. Father Steven, who is the Vicar of Christ Church is also the chair of the school’s Governing Body. He is a regular visitor to our School.

Learners are encouraged to follow the basic moral code of the Christian Church. This is reinforced by our use of Value Words. The children are encouraged to put these values into practise.  Whilst many lessons will have a Christian theme, they will learn about the beliefs and practices of the major world religions.  Please find our Religious Education and Collective Worship Policies below:

Click here to see our Collective Worship Policy